Today’s #kanji is 路, which is listed under its semantic element of #あしへん(𧾷), which is of course related to . Its phonetic element is 各 but 路 and 各 don’t share a sound.

Meaning: a road, a street
Reading: ロ、じ、みち*

路肩(かた/ケン): the shoulder of a road, the edge of a road
路地(ジ): an alley, a lane, an alleyway
路上(ジョウ)で/に: in/on the road, in/on the street
路線(セン): a route, a line
路頭(トウ): the roadside, the way side

路頭にまよう: to be turned adrift, to become homeless

路面電車(メンデンシャ): a surface car, a streetcar, a tram
回路(カイ): a circuit, an electric circuit
道路(ドウ): a road, a thoroughfare, a street, a highway

恋路(こい): a love affair, the path of love, romance
三十路(みそ): thirty years of age, (a person in) one’s thirties

Customary Reading
路(みち)*: a street, an avenue, a thoroughfare, a road (道 is more common)

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