Today’s #kanji is #身, which makes its own radical #みへん. It is a pictograph depicting a pregnant woman.

Meaning: body, content, self, etc.
Reading: シン、み

身長(シンチョウ): n, body height
身体(シンタイ): n. the body, the person, the system
献身(ケンシン): n. self-sacrifice, devotion, dedication
自身(ジシン): n. self, oneself
心身(シンシン): n. mind and body, body and soul
全身(ゼンシン): n. the whole body;【photography】the full length; adv. all over
前身(ゼンシン): n. a predecessor, one’s past

身内(うち): n. relations. relatives; members of the same organization
身分(ブン): n. a person’s position in society, a person’s status; a rank; a person’s identity
身元(もと): n. a person’s identity, a person’s upbringing; character

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