Today’s first #kanji is #通. It’s made of #しんにょう/#しんにゅう(辶) and 甬. 甬 can be pronounced as ヨウ or ユ but 通 does not have that sound. 甬 is made of the katakana マ and 用.

Meaning: to commute, to penetrate

Reading: ツウ、かよ(がよ)、とお(どお)

通(ツウ): an expert
通学(ツウガク): going to school, attending school
通行(ツウコウ): passing through, traffic
交通(コウツウ): traffic, coming and going, transportation

文通(ブンツウ): correspondence, comminucation in writing, an exchange of letters
通う(かよう): to go to and from, to commute, (for a train/bus) to run

通す(とおす): to pass ~ through, make way for
通る(とおる): to go along (the street), to pass
通り(とおり): a street, a passage, a road

駅前通り(えきまえどおり): a station road

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