Today’s #kanji is 連, which is listed under the radical of #しんにょう(辶), which suggests something to do with coming and going. 連 is a combined ideograph made of that and 車, a car.


Meaning: to string out, to be connected
Reading: レン、つら、つ

連休(レンキュウ): consecutive holidays, a long holiday
連携(レンケイ): cooperation, league, concert
連鎖(レンサ): a chain, links, a series, connection
連続(レンゾク)する: to continue, to be continuous
オーストラリア連邦(レンポウ): the Commonwealth of Australia
連絡(レンラク)する: to contact, to communicate, to notify
国連(コクレン) = 国際連合(コクサイレンゴウ): the United Nations, the UN

連(つら)なる: to lie (in a row), to run (in a line), to be in a line, to attend, to participate

連(つ)れ合(あ)い: one’s companion, one’s spouse
連(つ)れて行(い)く: to take (someone) with one; to take (someone) away

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