Today’s second #kanji is #週, which is made of #シンニョウ/#シンニュウ(辶) and 周. 周 serves as its sound indicator and there is only one way of reading it in the Japanese language.

Meaning: a week
Reading: シュウ

週(シュウ): a week
週休(シュウキュウ)二日(ふつカ): a five-day week
週刊(シュウカン): weekly publication, a weekly (periodical)
週番(シュウバン): weekly duty, a person on duty for the week
一週間(イッシュウカン): one week
先週(センシュウ): last week
今週(コンシュウ): this week
来週(ライシュウ): next week
毎週(マイシュウ): every week
隔週(カクシュウ): every other week, every second week

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