Today’s #kanji is 遊, which is listed under its semantic element of #しんにょう(辶), which suggests something to do with coming and going. Its phonetic element is 斿, which has the meaning of “to relax.”


Meaning: to play, to be free
Reading: ユウ、あそ

遊園地(ユウエンチ): a recreation park, an amusement park, a fun fair
遊具(ユウグ): playground equipment
遊星(ユウセイ)ギヤ: a planetary gear
遊説(ユウゼイ): a canvassing tour, an oratorical campaign
遊覧(ユウラン): an excursion, a pleasure trip, sightseeing
外遊(ガイユウ)する: to go abroad, to travel abroad
豪遊(ゴウユウ)する: to indulge in extravagant entertainment
周遊(シュウユウ): a tour, a pleasure trip

遊(あそ)ぶ: to play; to stay idle, to do nothing; to have a good time; to be not in use
火(ひ)遊(あそ)び: playing with fire; flirting

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