Today’s #kanji is 部, which is listed under its semantic element of #おおざと(阝). Its phonetic element is 咅, although 部 and 咅 don’t share a sound in Japanese.
おおざと looks the same with こざとへん but while こざとへん being a へん and is used on the left side of the character, おおざと stays on the right hand side.

おおざと comes from 邑, which has the meaning of “village” and おおざと has the meaning of a relatively big place or area where people live.

Meaning: a division, a part
Reading: ブ

部下(カ): a subordinate, a follower, one’s staff
部首(シュ): a radical (of a kanji character)
部品(ヒン): (machine) parts, spare parts
部分(ブン): a part, a section, a portion, a percentage
部門(モン): a class, a group, a sector, a division
一部(イチ): a part, a portion, a section, a fraction
外部(ガイ): an outside, an exterior, the outside world
全部(ゼン): all, the whole, the entirety, the lot
内部(ナイ): an/the interior, the inner part, the inside

Colloquial Reading
部屋(や): a room, a chamber; an apartment, a flat; a sumo stale

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