#長 is a character and it makes its own radical although characters with that radical are not part of the Japanese language. According to my dictionary, it is a pictograph depicting an old man with long hair walking with a walking stick (I can’t picture that myself but …) and from there it developed the meaning of “long.”

長子(チョウシ): the eldest child
長女(チョウジョ): the oldest daughter
長男(チョウナン): the oldest son
長所(チョウショ): a strong point, one’s forte
社長(シャチョウ): the president (of a company)
延長(エンチョウ): extension

長(なが)い: long
長靴(ながぐつ): high boots

<Difficult Readings>
村(むら)の長(おさ): a village chief
~に長()ける: become skilled at ~

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