Today’s #kanji is 閉, which is listed under the radical of #もんがまえ(門). 閉 is apparently a pictograph depicting a gate being locked.


Meaning: to close
Reading: ヘイ(ペイ)、と、し

閉口(ヘイコウ)する: vi. to be dumbfounded, to be stumped, to be annoyed
閉鎖(ヘイサ): n. closing, closure, a shutdown, a lockout
閉塞(ヘイソク)する: vi. to blockade, to block (up), to occlude
開閉(カイヘイ)する: vt. to open and close, to open and shut
密閉(ミッペイ)する: vt. to shut tightly , to cover up thght, to seal hermetically
幽閉(ユウヘイ)する: vt. to confine, to imprison, to constrain

閉(し)まる: vi. to close, to shut


閉(し)める: vt. to close, to shut


閉(と)ざす: vt. to shut, to close, to fasten, to lock, to bolt

口を閉ざす – to remain silent
心を閉ざす – to shut one’s heart to the world

閉(と)じる: to shut, to close


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