Today’s #kanji is #開. It is listed under #もんがまえ(門) in my dictionary and 門 can be its semantic element with 幵 being its phonetic element. However, 開 seems to be considered as a pictogram more often. Can you tell what it means and how to pronounce it? 幵 does not share a sound with 開.

Reading: カイ、ひら(びら)、あ

開会式(カイカイシキ): an opening ceremony
開催(カイサイ)する: to hold (a meeting), to open (an exhibition), to host (the Olympics)
開始(カイシ)する: to begin, to start, to commence
開通(カイツウ)する: (for a new line) to be opened, to begin services
公開(コウカイ)する: to open to the public, to exhibit, to unveil
満開(マンカイ): full bloom

門(モン)を開(ひら)く: to open a gate
両(リョウ)開(びら)きのドア: a double(-leaf) door

窓(まど)を開()ける: to open a window

幕(まく)開()け: [theatre] the rise of the curtain; the start (of something)

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