Today’s second #kanji is #間, which is made of #もんがまえ(門) and 日. Apparently the older form of this character had 月 instead of 日 and it described the moonlight shining between closed doors!

Meaning: space, time, relationship, etc.

Reading: カン、ケン、あいだ、ま

間隔(カンカク): a space, a gap, an interval
間接(カンセツ): indirectness
時間(ジカン): (the) time, an hour
一週間(イッシュウカン): one week

世間(セケン): the (real) world, the public

長(なが)い間(あいだ): for a long time, for a long period of time

この間(あいだ): the other day, recently, not long ago

間(ま)もなく: soon, shortly, before long
居間(い): a living room, a parlor

仲間(なか): a group, a company, a mate

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