Today’s #kanji is 関, which is listed under its semantic element of #もんがまえ(門). 関 used to be written as 關 and what is written inside (apparently the same meaning with 貫) is the phonetic element.

Meaning: barrier, scheme, to relate, etc.
Reading: カン、せき(ぜき)、かか*

関係(カンケイ): n. (a) relation, (a) relationship, reference, a link, (a) connection
関心(カンシン): n. interest, concern, attention
関節(カンセツ): n. a joint; an articulation
機関(キカン): n. an engine; a system, an organization, an institution; machinery, a structure, a body, etc.
税関(ゼイカン): n. customs; a custom(s) house
相関(ソウカン): n. correlation; interrelation; mutual relation

関所(せきショ):n. a barrier, a checking station, a checkpoint
大関(おおぜき): n. a sumo wrestler of the second highest rank

関(ぜき) is also used as a suffix after a sumo wrestler’s ring name

customary reading
関(かか)わる: to concern oneself in, to be concerned, to have a serious bearing upon…

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