Today’s #kanji is 降, which is listed under its semantic element of #こざとへん(阝), which means a hill, the earth, etc. Its phonetic element is 夅, which is not included in the 常用漢字ジョウヨウカンジ list but it has the meaning of “descending.”

Meaning: to descend, to fall, to drop, etc.
Reading: コウ、お、ふ(ぶ)

降雨(コウウ): rainfall, rain(s)
降格(コウカク)する: to be demoted, to move down
降伏(コウフク)する: to surrender, to admit defeat, etc.
降臨(コウリン)する: to descend

降臨セツ: 【Christianity】 Advent

以降(イコウ): from this/that point forward, on and after
下降(カコウ)a descent, a fall, a drop, a dive, a decline

降(お)りる: (for a frost) to occur; to alight, to get off; to give up (a post), to withdraw from …

しもが降りる: for a frost to fall
バスを降りる: to get off a bus
降りるえき間違まちがえる: to get off at the wrong station
仕事しごとを降りる: to withdraw from a job
ゲームを降りる: to quit the game

For the meaning of descending, 下りる is more common way of writing.

降(お)ろす: to set (a passenger) down, to unload, to take (something precious) down, to remove (a person) from a position

キャクを降ろす: to drop off a passenger
はたを降ろす: to lower a flag
社長シャチョウから降ろす; to remove … from the presidency

For the meaning of “moving something lower”, 下ろす is the more common character.

降(ふ)る: (for rain/snow, etc.) to fall, to come down
土砂(ドシャ)降(ぶ)り: a heavy rain, a downpour

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