Today’s #kanji is 限, which is listed under its semantic element of #こざとへん(阝), which means a hill, the earth, etc. Its phonetic element is 艮, although 限 and 艮 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: a limit, a confinement
Reading: ゲン、かぎ

限界(ゲンカイ): a boundary, bounds, limits
限定(ゲンテイ)する: to limit, to restrict, to define
限度(ゲンド): a limit, limits, bounds, a ceiling
期限(キゲン): a term, a period, a time, a deadline
極限(キョクゲン): an upmost limit, an extremity
権限(ケンゲン): power, authority, jurisdiction
制限(セイゲン)する: to restrict, to limit, to confine, to regulate

限(かぎ)る: to limit, to restrict, to confine
限(かぎ)りない: unlimited, limitless, boundless, infinite
見(み)限(かぎ)る: to give up, to abandon, to desert

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  • うしとら
  • こざとへん

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