Today’s #kanji is 除, which is listed under its semantic element of #こざとへん(阝), which means a hill, the earth, etc. Its phonetic element is 余, although 除 and 余 don’t share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to remove, to eliminate
Reading: ジョ、ジ、のぞ、よ*

除外(ジョガイ)する: to exclude, to except, to exempt
除去(ジョキョ)する: to remove, to get rid of, to eradicate
除名(ジョメイ)する: to take a person’s name off, to remove a person’s name, to eject a person
解除(カイジョ)する: to cancel, to terminate, to rescind; to release, to relieve, to lift (a ban)
削除(サクジョ)する: to delete, to cross out, to erase
排除(ハイジョ)する: to exclude, to remove, to eliminate
免除(メンジョ)する: to exempt, to release, to discharge

掃除(ソウ): cleaning, sweeping, dusting, wiping, etc.

除(のぞ)く: to remove, to take away, to get rid of …, to eliminate

Unofficial reading
虫(むし)除(よ)け: an insect repellent

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  • こざとへん

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