Today’s #kanji is #険, which is made of its semantic element of #こざとへん(阝) and phonetic element of 僉, although 険 and 僉 don’t share a sound any more.
阝 represents a hill and 僉 has a meaning of “pointy” or “sharp,” so what does 険 mean?

Meaning: dangerous, sharp, rugged, etc.
Reading: ケン、けわ

険悪(ケンアク): [なadj] hostile, serious, threatening
陰険(インケン): [なadj] tricky, sky, crafty
危険(キケン): [なadj] dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, risky
探検(タンケン): [noun] exploration, an expedition
冒険(ボウケン): [noun] an adventure, a venture, a risky attempt
保険(ホケン): [noun] insurance

険(けわ)しい: [いadj] steep, sheer, rugged, grim, severe

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  • こざとへん

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