Today’s #kanji is 陽, which is listed under its semantic element of #こざとへん(阝), which means a hill, the earth, etc. Its phonetic element is 昜 which has the meaning of “the sun.” So 陽’s original meaning is the sunny side of a mountain.

Meaning: the sun, a sunny/bright place, positive, the opposite of 陰
Reading: ヨウ、ひ*

陽圧(ヨウアツ): positive pressure(↔陰圧インアツ
陽気(ヨウキ)な: cheerful, merry, lively, spirited
陽極(ヨウキョク): the anode, the plus terminal, the positive pole (↔陰極インキョク
陽光(ヨコウ): sunshine, sunlight; positive glow
陽子(ヨウシ): a proton
陽子(ヨウこ): a common girl’s name
陽性(ヨウセイ): 【medical verdict】 positive, positivity (↔陰性インセイ
陰陽(インヨウ): Yin and Yang, the positive and negative, the active and passive
太陽(タイヨウ): the sun

Unofficial Reading
陽射(ざ)し: sunlight. Can be written as 日差し with the same sound
夕陽(ユウ): the evening sun, the setting sun. More often written as 夕日 with the same sound.

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  • こざとへん

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