Today’s #kanji is 際, which is listed under its semantic element of #こざとへん(阝), which means a hill, the earth, etc. Its phonetic element is 祭 which has the meaning of “touching.”

Meaning: a point of contact, a side, an edge
Reading: サイ(ザイ)、きわ(ぎわ)

際限(サイゲン): limits, an end, bounds
交際(コウサイ)する: to associate with …, to go out with …, to have social relations with…
国際(コクサイ): relationship between contries. 国際 itself is a noun, but it is never used alone. It is usually added to another noun with the meaning of “international.”

国際会議カイギ: an international conference
国際空港クウコウ: an international airport
国際結婚ケッコン: (an) international marriage

この際(サイ): now, on this occasion, at this time
金輪際(コンリンザイ): never, not at all, by no means, on no account (≒決して)
実際(ジッサイ): the truth, reality, an actual condition; really, indeed
For more examples for 際(サイ), please read ~さい(際)

際(きわ): a side, an edge, a brink, a verge

がけの際: the edge of a cliff
はしの際に/で: near a bridge, close to the bridge

窓際(まどぎわ)に/で at the window
山際(やまぎわ): the ridge of a mountain, the foot of a mountain
不手際(フてぎわ): clumsiness, awkwardness, lack of skill, failure

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