Today’s #kanji is #難, which is listed under its semantic element of #ふるとり(隹). The other side is the phonetic element but I cannot bring that one up unto my computer. Apparently that phonetic element is a bird.

Meaning: difficult
Reading: ナン、かた(がた)、むずか、にく(い)*

難解(ナンカイ): [なadj] difficult to understand, hard to make out
難題(ナンダイ): [noun] a difficult problem, an unreasonable request
困難(コンナン): [なadj] difficult, hard, tough
災難(サイナン): [noun] a calamity, (a) disaster
非難(ヒナン)する: [vt] to criticise, to make a criticism, to blame
避難(ヒナン)する: [vi] to escape, to seek safety in flight, to take refuge

難(かた)くない: [negative of いadj] easy
避(さ)け難(がた)い: [いadj] unavoidable, inevitable

難(むずか)しい: [いadj] hard, difficult; troublesome; sullen; fastidious

書(か)き難(にく)い*: hard to write

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