meaning: snow

reading: セツ(セッ)、ゆき

雪辱(セツジョク)する: to vindicate, to get revenge, to redeem oneself
雪渓(セッケイ): a snowy valley, a snowy gorge
豪雪(ゴウセツ): a very heavy snow fall
新雪(シンセツ): fresh snow, new-fallen snow
積雪(セキセツ): fallen snow, accumulated snow


雪(ゆき): snow
雪景色(ゆきゲシキ): a snow scene, a snow scape
粉雪(こなゆき): powder snow
白雪姫(しらゆきひめ): Snow White (from Grimm’s Fairy Tales)

Customary reading

雪崩(なだれ): a snow slide, an avalanche (of snow)
#雪 is made of #あめかんむり(雨)and ヨ. The bottom part looks like the katakana ヨ but apparently it is from 彗. 彗星 is “a comet” which is a mysterious object falling down from the sky. Snow is also some thing mysterious that falls down from the sky.
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