Today’s #kanji is 類, which is listed under the radical of #おおがい(頁). 類’s semantic element is 犬 and the rest (米 + 頁)is its phonetic element.


Meaning: category, class, similar, etc.
Reading: ルイ、たぐ(い)

類(ルイ): a sort, a kind, a variety, a class, etc.
類義語(ルイギゴ): a synonym
類似(ルイジ)する: to resemble, to bear resemblance to, to be similar (to …)
類推(ルイスイ)する: to analogize, to infer, to reason by analogy
衣類(イルイ): clothing, clothes, garments, apparel
書類(ショルイ): a document, a paper
親類(シンルイ): a relative, a relation, kin, kinsfolk
人類(ジンルイ): mankind, human beings, the human race
分類(ブンルイ)する: to classify, to divide into classes, to group, to sort, etc.
麺類(メンルイ): noodles, vermicelli, pasta

類(たぐい): a kind, a sort, a type, a category, a peer

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