Today’s first #kanji is #飯 – its radical is しょくへん(飠) which is from 食 (to eat), and its pronunciation indicator is 反(reverse). “Reversing eating” sounds strange but 反 is made of がんだれ(厂) (a cave people can live in) and 又 (again), so in the end it may not be that strange…

Meaning: to eat, food

Reading: ハン(パン)、めし、いい*

飯盒(ハンゴウ): a mess kit (portable cooker)
ご飯(ごハン): cooked rice, a meal, food
夕飯(ユウハン/ユウめし): an evening meal, dinner
赤飯(セキハン): sekihan – white glutinous rice steamed with red adzuki beans for eating on celebratory occasions, auspicious white rice with red beans

残飯(ザンパン): leftover rice/food, the leftovers

飯(めし/まま/まんま): cooked (boiled) rice, a meal, living
飯屋(めしや): an eating house, a small eatery
朝飯前(あさめしまえ): before breakfast, easy, a piece of old tackie

焼き飯(やきめし): fried rice

<difficult reading>
飯田(いいだ): Iida – a common surname

赤飯(あかまんま): (plant) Polygonum longisetum, Persicaria longiseta

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