Today’s #kanji is #馬, which makes its own radical. It is a pictogram with a horse’s head, mane, tail and legs.

Meaning: a horse
Reading: バ、うま、ま

馬車(シャ): [noun] a horse-drawn carriage
馬力(リキ): [noun] 【unit】 horsepower; (animal) energy
馬肉(ニク): [noun] horse-meat
鞍馬(アン): [noun] 【gymnastics】a pommel horse, usually written in Hiragana
海馬(カイ): [noun] a sea horse (タツノオトシゴ); the hippocampus (a part of the brain); a hippocampus (an animal in Greek mythology.)
乗馬(ジョウ): [noun] riding (on a horseback); a horse, a mount
落馬(ラク): [noun] a fall from a horse

馬(うま): [noun] a horse
馬屋(うまや): [noun] a stable, often written 厩 with the same reading

絵馬(え): [noun] a votive picture on a wooden tablet (see the photo below)
鞍馬(くら): [proper noun] a mountain/area in Kyoto

この写真 の作成者 不明な作成者 は CC BY-SA のライセンスを許諾されています
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