Today’s #kanji is 鳴, which is listed under the radical of #とり(鳥). 鳴 is a compound ideograph made of 口 (mouth) and 鳥 (bird).

Meaning: to sound, (for birds and animals) to cry, to call
Reading: メイ、な

鳴動(メイドウ)する: to rumble
共鳴(キョウメイ)する: to resonate, to be resonant (with…)
鶏鳴(ケイメイ): the crowing of a cock, cockcrow(ing), dawn, daybreak
悲鳴(ヒメイ): a scream, a shriek, a yell, a wail, a lament
雷鳴(ライメイ): thunder, a thunderclap, a crack of thunder

鳴(な)く: (for birds and animals) to cry, to call
鳴(な)らす: to ring (a bell), to sound (a musical instrument), to clink (a glass), etc.
鳴(な)る: to sound, to make a sound
怒(ド)鳴(な)る: to cry, to shout, to yell, to roar, to speak angry words
耳(みみ)鳴(な)り: tinnitus, a ringing in the ears

嗚咽(オエツ) means “sobbing” or “a sob” and some people incorrectly write it as 鳴咽 using this kanji 鳴 but the correct kanji should be 嗚 (口 + 烏) with a crow on the right. 烏 (crow) has one less line than 鳥 (bird).

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