Meaning: black

Reading: コク、くろ(ぐろ)

黒衣(コクイ): black clothes
黒板(コクバン): a blackboard, a chalkboard
暗黒(アンコク): darkness, blackness
大黒柱(ダイコクばしら): the central pillar, a breadwinner


黒(くろ): black (noun)
黒(くろ)い; black (i-adjective)
黒字(くろじ): a black letter, a (trade) surplus
黒星(くろぼし): a black mark, a defeat
黒幕(くろマク): a black curtain, a backstage manipulator
腹黒(はらぐろ)い: scheming, malicious

The current #黒 has 11 strokes but its radical 黑 has 12 strokes. 黒 used to be an informal variant of 黑.
If a country village (里) is on fire (れっか – 灬), everything will be “black”!
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