• [person] は [activity] が じょうず です。= [person] is good at [activity]. (Do not use for yourself or other people’s professional skills)
  • [person] は [activity] が へた です。= [person] is poor at [activity].
  • [person] は [activity] が とくい です。= [person] is strong at [activity].
  • [person] は [activity] が にがて です。= [person] is weak at [activity].


  1. あに は スポーツ が じょうずです。
    ani wa supo-tsu ga jouzu desu.
    My older brother is good at sports.
  2. (わたし は)* ギターが へた です。
    (watashi wa)* gita- ga nigate desu.
    I am bad at (playing) the guitar.
  3. あね は りょうり が とくい です。
    ane wa ryouri ga tokui desu.
    My older sister is strong at cooking
  4. はは は かいもの が にがて です。
    haha wa kaimono ga nigate desu.
    My mother is weak at shopping / My mother has aversion to shopping.
    * ( ) part is often skipped.

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Suggested Activities 1

Learn the following words and make sentences relevant to yourself and your family / friends.

Words for Activities

さんぽnounwalk, stroll
りょうりnouncooking, cuisine
りょこうnountravel, trip
れんしゅうnounpractice, training

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