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エイミーさんのいえ玄関げんかん 日本的にほんてきだ。
a. からして b. からまで   c. よりして   d. よりまで

Today’s Grammar Point: ~からして

~からして are used in 2 different meanings.

  1. pointing out one example to lead to your conclusion. “As for … even ~ is …” or “first of all ~ is/does…”.
  2. pointing out the base of your strong conviction. ~からして and ~すると、~したら are quite similar but ~からして is more used for the base of your opinion while ~からすると、~からしたら is more used for your perspective to lead to your judgement/opinion, so ~からして is used for a rather strong conviction while ~からすると is showing one way of looking at things.


[noun] + からして

Examples of the meaning 1

As for that restaurant, even plates are stylish.

As for natto, first of all, its smell puts me off.

As for Chinese, even pronunciation is difficult.

エイミーさんのいえ玄関げんかんからして日本的にほんてきだ。(Today’s question sentence)
As for Amy’s house, even the front door looks Japanese.

As for John, even his voice sounds gentleman-like.

Examples of the meaning 2

Judging from the appearance, the restaurant seems expensive (and I cannot see any reason why it’s not).

Cf. あのレストランはからするとたかそうだ。
The appearance of that restaurant suggests it’s expensive (but it may not be expensive).

Judging from the hand–writing, this must be what John wrote.

Cf. 筆跡ひっせきからすると、ジョンさんがいたものかもしれない。
Judging from the hand–writing, this may be written by John.

Judging from his shoes, he must be rich.

Cf. くつからすると金持かねもちそうだ。
Judging from his shoes, he looks rich (but judging from something else, he may not).

Judging from how he speaks, John must be very nervous.

Cf. ジョンさんははなかたからすると緊張きんちょうしているようだ。
Judging from how he speaks, John sounds nervous. (not too convinced)

Judging from the test result, John is good at mathematics.
Cf. テストの結果けっかからすると、ジョンさんは数学すうがく得意とくいなようだ。
Judging from the test result, it seems John is good at mathematics.

Answer to Today’s Question: a

See above.

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