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Today’s Grammar Point: ~からなる

~からなる is an expression to mention something’s components or to indicate what something “is made (up) of ~”/”consists of ~.” As something being made of ~ is a condition that lasts for a while, it is often used in the form of ~からなっている. ~からなる/~からなっている is a rather formal expression. If you are mentioning ingredients, ~からできている (more like “be made from ~”) or ~でできている (more like “be made of ~”) is more common.


  • [noun] + からなっている
  • [noun] + からなる

Examples of ~からなる

Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.

日本にほんはたくさんのしまからなるくにです。(Today’s Question sentence)
Japan is a country that is made of many islands.

This class consists of 10 boys and 12 girls.

国会こっかい2 院にいんからなる
The Diet consists of two Houses.

This movie is made up of two parts.

Molecules are composed of atoms.

Miso is made from

Udon noodles are made of wheat flour.

Answer to Today’s Question: d

See above.

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