Today’s Grammar Point

[てform ]+ ください。= Please ….


~ください is a polite way of making a request, like “please help me.”

Things to Remember with this pattern

  1. ~ください must be used at the end of the sentence. In English both “Please help me” and “Help me, please” are OK but not in Japanese.
  2. ください must follow a てform of a verb. If you use ください after a noun, it means: “Please give me ~”
  3. If you skip ください, it will sound stronger. It is an acceptable expression for a parent or a teacher to use to their children and pupils, but ください should be added when talking to your seniors.

Examples of this pattern are:

=Please eat.
=Please listen.
=Please stand up.
=Please watch it.

Suggested Activities

Before you do anything, try to say a request to yourself in Japanese. For example, before you get up, you say おきて ください。

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