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What does ちちはこっそりおさけんでいた mean?

Today’s Grammar Point: ~こむ

む/ みます is a verb that has the meaning of “to be crowded” or “to be packed,” but it is also used as an auxiliary verb that follows the stem of a verb. ~ む means:

  1. ~ and go in… or ~ and put … in ….
  2. to ~ enough, to ~ completely


  • [verb stem]
    [verb stem] is the ます form of a verb without ます.

Examples of Meaning 1

がりむ = to enter the house proper (by removing one’s shoes and stepping up onto the floor level)

When I got home, I found a friend of mine was already in my house.

む = to buy in, to buy up, to stock up on …

ちちはこっそりおさけんでいた。(today’s question sentence)
My Dad had stocked up some drinks secretly.

む = to fill in (a document), to write in

Please fill in required points.

む = to inhale, to breath in, to suck up

Please take a deep breath.

む = to jump in, to dive into, to fly into

Seeing a child drowning in the river, John jumped into the river from the bridge.

む = to swallow, to take down, to drink in

Don’t swallow the stone of the cherry.

はらむ = to pay, to deposit, to pay up

I’ve already paid the membership fee.

もうむ = to apply, to ask for, to file an application, to book, etc.

クイズコンテストに参加さんか もうんだ。
I entered my name in a quiz contest.
Please reserve it early.

Examples of Meaning 2

おしむ = to instill, to plant (an idea)

礼儀れいぎちいさいときから おしむことが肝心かんじんだ。
It’s important to teach good manners from an early age.

おもむ = to be convinced, to be obsessed

メアリーさんは自分じぶん病気びょうきだと おもんでいる.
Mary is convinced she is sick.

かんがむ = to be lost in thought, to brood over …, to be at a loss (what to do)

What are you thinking so hard about?

すわむ = to sit down (and refuse to move), to plant oneself down

He sat down at the front door and wouldn’t move.
あまりのショックにそのにへなへなと すわんだ。
It was such a shock that my legs gave way and I had to sit down on the spot.

使つかむ = to embezzle, to misappropriate (public money); to use … for a long time, to break in

Apparently John embezzled his company’s funds.
a well-thumbed dictionary

はなむ = to talk for hours, to fall in to conversation

Those two have been deep in conversation for hours.

Answer to Today’s Question: See above

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