Today’s Question

The kanji character for the underlined part is:

a. 疾   b. 早   c. 速   d. 林

Today’s Grammar Point: ~ございます

ございます is a politer say of saying です or あります.

set expressions

Good morning.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much (for something which has been done).

politer way of saying things

The bathroom is that way.

Smaller sizes are here.

It is cold, isn’t it?

いadjectives and ございます

As shown above, if an いadjective precedes ございます, the ending い changes to う and that sometimes causes some sound change just before う. Using ございます with an いadjective sounds quite old fashioned.

さむいですね ⇒ (お)さむございますね。(It is cold, isn’t it?)
あついです ⇒ (お)あつうございます。(It is hot.)
おいしいです ⇒ おいしうございます pronounced like おいしゅうございます (It is delicious.)
あまいです ⇒ あまうございます pronounced like あもうございます (It tastes sweet.)

Now you will be able to tell how the greeting おはようございます was formed. It is from はやいです (it is early) ⇒ (お)はやうございます is pronounced like おはようございます.

Answer to Today’s Question: b

The kanji character that means “early” is b. .

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