Today’s Grammar Point: ~ごとに

~ごとに follows a noun or a dictionary form (= plain non-past form) verb and means “every ~” or “every time ~.” It is similar to ~たびに but they are not always interchangeable. Differences between ~ごとに and ~たびに are explained at the bottom of this page.


  • [noun]ごとに
  • [plain non-past verb] ごとに


We’ve got more things every time we moved.

The Olympics are held every four years.

新幹線しんかんせん5分ごふんごとに発車はっしゃします。(Today’s question sentence)
Shinkansen trains depart every 5 minutes.

It gets warmer and warmer every time it rains.

Tax systems differ from country to country. (Every country has a different tax system from others.)

Each group is working on a different task.

You will get 1 point for every 10000 yen you pay for a haircut.

Every time you drive 5000 kilometers, you have to have your car inspected.

This hotel gives you an upgrade every fifth time you stay here.

Set expression with ごとに

ことごとに in everything, at every turn

ジョンさんとエイミーさんは ことごとに対立たいりつした。
John and Amy were always getting at each other.

My mother-in-law gave me a hard time in every case.

Differences between ~ごとに and ~たびに

When ~ごとに and ~たびに follow a noun, ~ごとに can be used immediately after the noun but you need の between the noun and ~たびに.


We cannot use ~たびに when a number is included in the noun.


We cannot use ~たびに when ~ごとに means every and each.
(✓) 税制ぜいせいくにごとにことなる。
(×) 税制ぜいせいくにのたびにことなる。

~ごとに is more objective and ~たびに is more subjective

(✓) ヘアカットに10000円いちまんえんはらうごとに1ポイントもらえます。 (rather automatic)
(✓)ヘアカットに 10000円いちまんえんはらうたびにもったいないとおもいます。(subjective)
Every time I pay 10000 yen for a haircut, I feel I’ve wasted money.

Answer to Today’s question: a

For meaning, see above. None of the other choices make sense.

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