Today’s Grammar Point: ~させていただく/させていただきます

~させていただく/させていただきます is a humble way of talking about your action. させて part is the てform of the causative form of a verb and いただく/いただきます is the humble version (謙譲語けんじょうご) of もらう/もらいます (to receive), so it’s like “(with your permission), I (will) ~.”

This is part of 敬語けいご, respectful language. To get a general feel of 敬語けいご, watch this video.


  • [てform of a causative form verb ] + いだだく
  • [てform of a causative form verb ] + いだだきます

but as all causative form verb ends in -せる/-せます (ichi-dan), you can remember it as

  • [causative form verb stem] + ていだだく
  • [causative form verb stem] + ていだだきます

For how to change verbs into their causative form, see causative verbs (-aせる/-させる).


I will have the honour of showing you around.

(If you don’t mind,) I’d rather not.

来年らいねん、ぜひまたさせていただきます。(Today’s caption)
(If you don’t mind,) I will definitely come again next year.

(with your permission,) I will have a look at it later.

(with their permission) I went to bed early last night as I was tired.

You’ve published a book, haven’t you? (If you don’t mind,) I will buy a copy certainly.

I’ll wait here.

I’m going home now.

I’ll read it later (if you don’t mind).

Thank you for letting me learn a lot.

(Thanks to your kindness) I’ve listened to it.

I will have a swim in the pool later, if you don’t mind.

I will think about it if you don’t mind.

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