Today’s Grammar Point:  ~そうにする/~そうにしている

~そうにする/~そうにしている is another way of saying ~そうだ/~そうです, which means “to look ~” or “to seem ~”. ~そうにする/~そうにしている follows an adjective stem which describes a person’s feeling or sense. As the expression includes the verb する/している, ~そうにする/~そうにしている is often used when you assume someone’s feeling through his/her action.


  • [いadjective] + そうにする/そうにしている
    いadjective stem is an いadjective without the ending い.
  • [なadjective] + そうにする/そうにしている


Seeing my son have fun makes me happy too.

That dog always looks happy.

It’s very painful to see a child looking sad.

あつそうにしていたから、かきごおりってきたよ。(Today’s Caption)
I bought you shaved ice because you looked feeling hot.

That dog has been looking cold over there.

They got married last year and they always look happy.

My brother behaved like a studious boy last year but he hasn’t been studying at all this year.

I made a video call yesterday and my grandmother looked well.

Now when I think about it John didn’t look like enjoying natto.

コーヒーがそうにしていたから、 ってきた。
I bought coffee for him because he looked as if he wanted a cup.

Answer to Today’s question: I would be. How about you?

For meaning, see above.

  • そう

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