Today’s Grammar Point:  ~っけ?

っけ is a very casual way of asking a question to confirm what you have heard before or something you vaguely remember. It is often used with the plain past form to ask about something that happened in the past but if you want to ask about something current or in the future, you need to add んだ after the plain form (see below).


For something in the past

  • [たform verb] + っけ?
  • [いadjective stem] +かった + っけ?
  • [なadjective stem] + だった + っけ?
  • [noun] だった + っけ?

For something current or in the future

  • [dictionary form verb] +んだっけ?
  • [いadjective] +  んだっけ?
  • [なadjective] + なんだっけ?
  • [noun] + なんだっけ?


去年きょねん日本にほんったっけ?(Today’s Caption)
You went to Japan last year, didn’t you? or We went to Japan last year, didn’t we?

Was it raining on that day?

Was that jacket new?

Was your brother studious when he was in the junior high school?

Was/Is your dad a teacher?

Are you going to America next year?

Is it raining over there?

Is that jacket new?

Did you say your younger brother is studious?

Is your dad a teacher?

Answer to Today’s Question: My answer is ううん(a very casual いいえ) but if you went to Japan last year, it should be うん (for はい).

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