Today’s Grammar Point:  ~てもしかたがない

仕方しかた means a way or a method, so ~てもしかたがない literary means “there is no means even if ~” and it is usually used for one of the followings. In a casual conversation, we say it as ~てもしょうがない.

  1. It’s no use ~ing
  2. It is inevitable to ~, there is no other option than ~.


  • [てform verb] もしかたがない
  • [てform verb] もしょうがない

Examples of the meaning 1

It’s no use taking photos any more.

It’s no use crying.

Regretting what you did doesn’t mend the matter.

いまさら おこっても仕方しかたがない。
It’s no use being angry after the event.

あと五分ごふん試験しけんはじまるんだから、 いま勉強べんきょうをはじめてもしょうがないよ。
The exam will start in five minutes, so it’s no use starting studying now.

Examples of the meaning 2

I can’t help being scolded.

It can’t be helped no matter what anyone says.

It’s inevitable that suspicion would fall on John.

It can’t be helped even if we get wet in the rain.

It can’t be helped no matter what people think of me.

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