Today’s Grammar Point: ~ても・・・なくても

We looked at examples where ~ても is used twice to convey the feeling that “the result would be the same even if 2 different conditions are met.” Similarly, you can use ~ても・・・なくても to express the feeling that “the result would be the same whether or not ~.”


  • [てform verb]も、[ない verb stem] なくても
  • [いadj stem]くても、[いadj stem] くても
  • [な adj]でも、[な adj] じゃなくても/ではなくても
  • [noun]でも、[noun]でなくても


I love Japan whether or not cherry blossoms are out.

Whether you go to school or not, you have to study the same.

Whether you watch TV or not, you’ll get news about the coronavirus.

ふとっていても、いなくても、 わたしわたしです。
Whether I’m fat or not, I am what I am.

あまくても あまくなくても、ミカンが 大好だいすきです。
I love mandarins, sweet or not.

This person is my husband, whether you find him cool or not.

Whether it looks good or not, cake is a cake when you eat it.

Whether the test is easy or not, you have to do your best.

Whether he is a doctor or not, he has the power to heal people’s hearts.

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