Today’s Grammar Point: ~としたら、~とすると、~とすれば

~としたら、~とすると、~とすれば all are expressions to express an assumption. “Assuming ~, …” or “If ~, …” They are almost interchangeable but there are slight nuance differences.

  • ~したら: most neutral among the three. “If ~, …” The latter part often describes the speaker’s intention.
    If I’m going to John’s costume party, what (character) should I be?
    I haven’t decided if I’m going and I’m wondering what to do.
  • ~すると: Because ~と means “every time ~, always …,” the emphasis is on the objective outcome described in the latter part.
    If I’m going to John’s costume party, I need a costume.
    I haven’t decided if I’m going, but the emphasis is on an objective outcome of needing a costume.
  • ~すれば: Among the three, ~ば indicates the least conviction that the assumption is true.
    If I’m going to John’s costume party, I would need a costume. It’s a hassle, I won’t go.
    If I’m going, I need a costume, but if I’m not going, I don’t need it.


  • [plain form verb] と + したら/すると/すれば
  • [いadj stem] い/かった と + したら/すると/すれば
  • [なadj] だ/だった と + したら/すると/すれば
  • [noun] だ/だった と + したら/すると/すれば


What would you wear if you were going to John’s party?

What would you do if you didn’t have to go to work tomorrow?

What would you do if it rained tomorrow?

If former President Trump is re-elected, American politics will change dramatically.

今回こんかい試験しけん簡単かんたんだったとすると、いつもの 試験しけん はとてもむずかしいのだろう。
If this exam was easy, the usual exam would be very difficult.

If this belongs to John, he must be very rich.

What kind of clothes should I bring if I go to Japan next month?

金閣寺きんかくじちかとすれば毎日まいにちでもきますか。(Today’s Caption)
If Kinkakuji Temple is nearby, would you go there every day?

If the mother is still fine, she should be 100 years old this year.

If tomorrow is a national holiday, I’ll be sleeping until noon.

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