~なきゃ and ~なくちゃ

~なきゃ and ~なくちゃ


a. I can take medicine.
b. I don’t take medicine.
c. I must take medicine.
d. I will take medicine.

~なきゃ and ~なくちゃ are often used in conversations and they both are shortened forms of ~なければなりません or ~なければいけません, which mean “must ~.” So the answer is c.

It can be rephrased:

くすりを のまなくちゃ(いけない)。
くすりを のまなければならない/なりません。
くすりを のまなければいけない/いけません。

Other examples are:

早(はや)く帰(かえ)らなきゃ。I must go home early.
しゅくだいを しなきゃ。I must do my homework.
仕事(しごと)に行(い)かなくちゃ。I must go to work.
ブログを書(か)かなくちゃ。I must write blog posts.

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