Today’s Grammar Point: ~ぶり/~っぷり

Today’s post is about the suffix ~ぶり. It connects to a noun or a verb stem and describes the way things are or how something is done.In a casual conversation, ~っぷり can be used instead. Or some verb stems prefer to connect with ~っぷり rather than just ~ぶり. See below.


  • [noun] + ぶり/っぷり
  • [verb stem] + ぶり/っぷり


You should watch the way Amy works and follow her example.

I was stumped how busy the supermarket was.

I’ll go and have a look how the children are studying.

Money won’t last if they live their life like that.

The branching of this bonsai is wonderful.

There will be no girl who is not attracted to John’s masculinity.

Judging from how she talks, Amy is not likely to get married in a hurry.

That child’s swim is wonderful. I’m sure he will be a good swimmer.

あの選手せんしゅけっぷりがわるい。(We don’t usually say けぶり)
That athlete is a bad loser.

エイミーさんのみっぷりはたいしたものだ。(We don’t usually say みぶり)
The way Amy drinks (alcohol) is amazing.

Colloquial expression

ったかぶり = pretending to know things one does not

That person always pretends to know.

I don’t like a know-it-all.

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