Today’s Grammar Point: ~まわる

Today’s grammar point is ~まわる. まわる alone is an intransitive verb meaning “to go around,” “to spin” or “to run in a circle.” It can be used after the stem of a verb which usually describes some movement and ~まわる means “to do the action of ~ around/about.” See the examples below.


  • [verb stem] + まわる


あるまわる: to walk about, to walk up and down, to pace
うごまわる: to move around, to go about
およまわる: to swim around, to make one’s way through the world
まわる: to run around, to rush about, to be terribly busy, to lead a hectic life
さがまわる/さがまわる: to search up and down (for …), look around (for …)
さわまわる: to run around making noise
まわる: to move about, to go about doing …, to maneuver
まわる: to arrive on the market, to hit the market
たずまわる: ask around
はしまわる: to run around, to scurry about, to rush about
まわる: to fly around, to jump around, to rush about
まわる: to run from place to place, to run about trying to shun (a creditor)
のたうちまわる: to writhe, to wriggle, to roll around (in pain)
まわる: to drink at several places in succession; to drink at one place after another
cf. あるく: to go on a pub-crawl
まわる: to crawl around, to creep about
まわる: to take … round, to carry around, to cart … around

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