Today’s Grammar Point: ~やら…やら

Today’s Grammar point is ~やら…やら, which is a casual/conversational version of ~や…や which is used to give examples. If やら is used only once, that is a different expression for uncertainty and I will talk about that at another time.


  • [noun 1] やら [noun 2] やら
  • [verb 1] やら [verb 2] やら
  • [いadj 1] やら [いadj 2] やら


There are many temples and shrines in Kyoto, so there is a lot of greenery.

I couldn’t go to a part-time job because I was busy with my homework and tests, etc.

Convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. have been built nearby, it has become more convenient around here.

John’s room is full of books and notebooks and a like, and it is certainly a student’s room.

The money I got for my part-time job last week was quickly gone because of rent and food expenses and alike.

I can’t handle this child as he cries, screams and so on.

If you have a child, you cannot stay away from a doctor as the child always gets feverish or injured or …

When I return to Japan, I don’t have time to stay still because I meet my friends, go to my relatives and so on.

I received the news that my son is getting married. which gives me mixed feelings of being happy, lonely, etc.

I couldn’t sleep because of itching and pain caused by insect bites.

As I failed the entrance examination, I was helpless as I felt regretful, pitiful, etc.

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