Today’s Grammar Point: ~から~まで

“Aから” means “from A” or “since A” and it can be used for both time and place. “Bまで” can also be used for time and place, so it means “to B” or “till B.” They are often used in a pair but can be used independently.


  • [noun] から
  • [てform verb] から
  • [noun] まで
  • [dictionary form verb] まで



I study in the library from 9 am till 3 pm.

(both から and まで follow a time related noun)



Hanako fiddles with a smart phone all day from when she gets up until she goes to bed.

(から follows a te-form and まで follows a non-past plain verb)


京都(きょうと)から東京(とうきょう)まで新幹線(しんかんせん)に乗(の)りました。(Today’s question sentence)

I rode a Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo.

(both から and まで follow a place related noun)



I remained standing since I left Kyoto until I arrived in Tokyo.

(から follows a te-form and まで follows a non-past plain verb)



I was listening to the radio all the time from when I got up this morning till around 3 pm.

(から follows a te-form and  まで follows a time phrase)




I was with Mr Tanaka all the time since noon till I left my office.

(から  follows a time phrase and まで follows a non-past plain verb)


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