I want ~

I want ~

Today’s expressions

  • わたしwatashiwaga ほしいhoshii です desu = I want ~

You place what you want where ~ is. You should remember the following points with ほしいhoshii.

  • The subject of ほしいhoshii should always be わたしwatashiwa. You should not talk about what another person wants using ほしいhoshii.
  • Because the subject is わたしwatashiwa, that part is most of the time omitted (i.e. implied, not expressed).
  • As in English “I’d like ~” sounds nicer than “I want ~,” this Japanese expression is better avoided if you can but as this takes the same sentence pattern as “I like ~,” you should remember how to use it here.
  • ほしいhoshii is an いadjective.

Example Sentences

リンゴが ほしい です。
I want an apple.

すしが ほしい です。
I want some sushi.

あたらしい ふくが ほしい です。
I want some new clothes.

おじいちゃんの めがねが ほしい です。
I want Grandpa’s glasses.

つぎの テストで いい てんが ほしい です。
I want good marks in the next test.

Suggested Activities

Following the pattern, write a few sentences about what you want. Try to use as many different words as you can from all the vocab you have learned so far.

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