水炊き(みずたき/Mizutaki) is another hot pot dish in which fish or meat (most often chicken) and vegetables are cooked in unseasoned broth (probably the reason for  the word 水(みず/mizu)- water) and dipped in tangy Ponzu sauce.  It is traditionally cooked in a ceramic pot called 土鍋(どなべ/Donabe).

Mizutaki is popular during winter in Japan. Even though we can buy most vegetables all year around today, the main vegetable for Mizutaki, such as Chinese cabbage(白菜/はくさい/Hakusai), 菊菜/きくな/
Kikuna (edible chrysanthemum leaves), and 椎茸/しいたけ/Shiitake mushrooms are in season in winter.  Seasonal white fish like cod (鱈/たら/tara)is often used for Mizutaki as well.

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