しゅせき, しゅうせき, しゅっせき

しゅせき, しゅうせき, しゅっせき

この会議(かいぎ)にはデータを集積(しゅうせき)した主席(しゅせき)が出席(しゅっせき)しました。means “The chilf who had collected the data attended this meeting.’

Here the similar sounding words are:
しゅうせき(する) to collect
しゅせき chief
しゅっせき(する)to attend
In order to hear them you need to pay attention to both intonation and rhythm. In this set, the  pitch of all 3 words go up between the first sound, “しゅ(shu),” and the last two syllables “せき(seki)” but the timings of the change are different.

With しゅうせき, the pitch go up with “う(u)” before “せき(seki)” is pronounced.

On the other hand, with しゅっせき, there is a slight gap between “しゅ(shu)” and “せき(seki)” while しゅせき does not have the gap.

Listen to the audio clips to hear the differences.


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