なadjectives ending in い

Whenever I teach なadjectives, I always tell them to be careful with きれい (pretty) and ゆうめい (famous) because even though they end in “い”, they are なadjectives. The other day, one of my students said if there are only 2 exceptions, it’s not too hard to remember, so I had to confess that there are more. I’ll list commonly used ones here:

嫌いきらいkiraiunfond of
奇麗きれいkireipretty, beautiful
有名ゆうめいyuumeifamous, well-known
得意とくいtokui(one’s) forte, good (at)
意外いがいigaiunexpected, surprising
冷静れいせいreiseicalm, composed
明快めいかいmeikaiclear; articulate
奇怪きかいkikaistrange; mysterious; weird

I’m not sure if this helps but look at the left-most column above. Apart from the top one, きらい, they all written in Kanji characters only. Their ending い is NOT written in Hiragana.

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