Adjectives for Describing People

Adjectives for Describing People

Today’s post is about adjectives that can be used to describe people. Please watch the video below. (If not showing below, please click the link.)

Here is the list of adjectives I was talking about in the video.

おおきいookiibig, older
ちいさいchiisaismall, young
わかいwakaiyoung, youthful
せがひくいsegahikuishort (in height)
かわいいkawaiicute, adorable
うるさいurusaiannoying, noisy
あかるいakaruicheerful, bright, happy
やさしいyasashiisweet, gentle, affectionate
こわいkowaiscary, tough
おとなしいotonashiiquiet, subdued
おもしろいomoshiroifunny, amusing
いそがしいisogashiibusy, hectic
げんきgenkihealthy, lively spirited
にぎやかnigiyakalively cheerful, vivacious
しずかshizukaquiet, calm, graceful
まじめmajimeserious, honest, steady
しんせつshinsetsukind, hospitable, obliging
ゆうめいyuumeifamous, well-known
りっぱripparespectable, outstanding
Nouns (used like an adjective)
だいじょうぶdaijoubuOK, all right, safe
びょうきbyoukiillness, disease, ailment
いっしょisshothe same, together, one lump
おなじonajithe same, identical, similar

Suggested Learning Activity

Using the words above, describe members of your family. Because you are going to talk about your own family, you need to use these words in this video.

For the difference between いadjective and なadjectives, please read the following posts.

Suggested Activities

  • Describe members of your own family
  • Do the exercises 2 and 3 of the Module 2 of the Moodle Course.

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