Every person has to sleep everyday and the routine happens in the same order every day. Can you put all these phrases in the order of occurrence? You need to use one of them twice.

a. ねています
b. ねます
c. ねむっています
d. ねむります
e. めが さめます
f. おきます。


Let’s check the meaning of each verbs first

  • ねます/ねる = to go to bed, to lie down
  • ねむります/ねむる = to fall asleep, to sleep
  • (めが)さめます/さめる = to wake up
  • おきます/おきる = to get up

-ますform/dictionary form vs てform+います/いる

  • -ますform/dictionary form: an action or a change of state
  • てform+います/いる: a continuous action or a continuous state


It would have to happen in this order:

  1. go to bed = ねます
  2. lie in bed awake (could be a very short period of time) = ねています or よこに なっています
  3. fall asleep = ねむります or ねむりにおちます (the latter one is a bit poetic)
  4. sleep (be asleep) = ねむっています
  5. wake up = めが さめます
  6. like in bed awake (could be a very short period of time) = (めが さめていますが、まだ)ねています or よこになっています
  7. get up = おきます

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