August(ちがつ)4th )is はしの日


If you thought “what hashi?”, then your Japanese must be very good!


Yes, it is both for “chopsticks” and “bridges.”

Chopsticks are written as 箸 and pronounces as:

Bridge is written as 橋 and pronounced as:

By the way はし can also be written as  端 and it means “(an) edge(s)”. Its independent pronunciation is the same as 橋(bridge).

Now I can hear you saying “how can you tell then?”


Apparently news readers are often made to practice saying this sentence:

橋の端に箸がある (はしのはしにはしがある )

Can you hear the sounds going up and down like:のはしにしが?


Because of the context and this combination of ups and downs, it is not as hard as you think to distinguish these words once you get used to them!


Would you like to listen to it again?

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